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March 4th, 2009

So a few days ago, i wanted to exchange money at the bank. I did successfully arrived to the

,,,,,,,, wowzers, I never finished this blog entry. haha

Catching up on livejournal entries

I apologize for not keeping an up to date livejournal.I found out that it takes a whole heck lot of time to write a journal entry and it kinda scared me off. For some reason, it always takes me like 3 hours or so to write one, i really don't know why does it take so long but it does. ^^;;;

So yeah, i'll try to make up my entries by retracing back from what happened in the past month. haha ^.^

I'll write the date of the actual event on top, so u'll know when it happened.

Once again, ごめんなさい/ Sorry/ 對不起/ Es tut mir leid (in german, cuz my 1 of my roommate is from Germany, although she's Slovakian ^_^ )

My new hairstyle for 2009

I cut my hair guys.... I decided to actually do it. I wanted to see how my hair would look like if I had short hair..... and I did it!!!!

What do u guys think? ^_^


A Hot Experience.... hotsprings

On Saturday, Feb 28th, 2009, I went to my first hotsprings. It's located in Beitou, and I was so excited to go. I was thinking that maybe I will be like Ella in Hana Kimi, sinking into hot springs, saying "KIMOCHI!!!!" ^o^ So I went to the hotsprings with two other girls who live in the dorm. Their names were Nana and Jessica. Nana is a French girl, and she's one of those tall, womanly, and stereotyped sexy French gal. Jessica is from Minnesota, USA, and she's kind of those likes to go camping kind of Peaks Adventure kind of girl.

Okie, so back to the hotsprings. So the 3 of us went arrived at the hotsprings and Omigoodness, and it was.... uhhhh interesting. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;; Ummm.... I would say it is an experience.... LOL. ^_^;; Okie, so there were a LOT of people. There were old people, and young people, from elderly to little kids. ….but there were also guys and girls….. and the thing is…. We’re all in the same one open hotspring!!!! AND you are required to wear a swimsuit to go into the hotsprings. I was told that you can wear a t-shirt or something, but noooo, it has to be a swimsuit.!!!


AND ANNIE NEVER WORN A SWIMSUIT!!! But because of this hotsprings event…. Annie has. *sniff* Too revealing! Omigoodness, they say that you feel relaxed when you’re in the hotsprings. Well, NUH UH~! Annie was stiff and very unrelaxed at all times in the hotsprings!!! And I was also told that it is separated by gender!!! But neither was true at Beitou hotsprings!!! >_< It was only after I left the hotsprings, with my regular clothes back on that I finally felt relaxation.


But yesh…. My hotspring experience…. It was hot in a way, but very unhot in another way. ^o^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;



P.S. I didn't take any pictures this time, so sorry. ^o^ haha ^^;;;;;

The food thread

Hiyo Jennifer!

So here's all the pictures I've eaten at Taiwan. Well, except the ones that were obviously display, i jus thought they looked nice so i took a picture. if you can see it close up, then you know i get to eat it. Some times i ate i didn't get to take a pciture because i was too excited to eat and i totally forgot to take a picture for u. ^^:;;

But yeah, I'll let u know everytime i've update my food picture thread or something. Here goes:


PS. password is opensaysme

Miramar Mall Tour

Gomen Nasai, I’ve been busy and hadn’t had the chance to write a new blog. But here is my picture blog of the Miramar Mall.

In the Miramar, there are a lot of floors. So forgetful, but I think there’s over 6 floors? Anyhow, this was the place that the Fahrenheit Valentine’s Day dinner was held at, and where the Ferris Wheel was at. I heard that other stars also occasionally do promotions here too. ^o^

I think the slideshow runs too fast... but i dunno how to slow it down. SO yeah, u cna look at the actual pictures here: http://s69.photobucket.com/albums/i58/thelonemoon/Taiwan/V-day%202009/
Let me know if u have any problems seeing it.

What do you think of the mall? ^_^ A lot of the clothes and stuffies here are expensive. They’re like $45 and up per clothing, not cheap at all. ^^;;

*sobs* HELP!

My PSP is going funky! I dunno why!! *snff* It start to move to the left-up. Its as if something is constantly press the left and up button somewhere...! Can it be fixed!?!??!?!!? I looked things up online for a bit, and it may be something is under the pad or something so it presses it. ~_~ No wonder i couldn't skype with it, that's when it all started not working. ~_~

But the strangest thing is, it works PERFECTly fine when in the PSP menu. It's only when it tries to play a game or access the internet.

So i used FF: Crisis Core to test it. While on the field, it keeps automatically move left-up. However, if I press the D-pad's down or right, it will respond, but once i let go it'll snap back to the left-up. On the other hand, the Joystick does not respond whatsoever.

On Initial D, it would work fine in the menus and everything, but when it comes to the race, it will go in circles turning left constantly. But this time, no D-pad or joystick movements will affect it, it jsut keeps rotating.

I don't understnad what could happened to it. I mean, when i first arrive in taiwan, i used it to play initial D once and it works fine. I didn't drop it, didn't do anything messy with it, or anything. i charged it here, but taiwan has the exact same voltage as USA 110V My system software is verison 5.00, M33-4.

Do I need to update something? Or what happened, or when? *sniff* I can't play~~ Do i need to take the psp apart and clean it? gack! I don't have the tools, and maybe not so much guts to do that. ~_~;;

If anyone knows, let me know please ^_^;;;;


Clips of the FRH events that I was at

Well, I just wanted to show u more of the event that I went to. ^^:;;

V-day Dinner with FRH

This one, I did not get to attend. I was standing outside of this event, and it was this event that I saw Jiro & FRH coming out and touched Jiro's hand. ~^_^~ I haven't seen this video yet, so i dunno how it's like. I think it's a fan video. You DONT have to watch tis one.

After the V-day Dinner
UPLOADED FINALLY! Here is my video
(if it didn't work, here's the link: http:s69.photobucket.com/albums/i58/thelonemoon/Taiwan/V-day%202009/)

Here's my very own personal recording of them coming out. Like I said, I was CLOSE! and if u pause at 14 seconds (which happens to be my fav number heehe), you'll see Jiro's hand reached out, and that's the moment of touch!!!!!! ^.^ heeehehehee Wu Zun was after Jiro, but I already dropped my camera out of shock of seeing jiro already ^o^ hahahha Boy, I sound so girly, but oh well, this happened to me! ^o^ lol

This is right after they walked out the front door and walked to the Ferris Wheel at the mall. Lucky fans get to ride a 17-30minutes ride with Fahrenheit members (each individual of course). But omigawd1!!! ^o^ I recorded this vdieo too, but someone else also recorded this and it's so much better. Whe coolest thing is we're on the same spot. ^o^ hehe SO you'll have the exact same idea of where I am relative to them. I'm on the left side of the crowd. The volume in the actual place is very very loud, but this person' camera's tone it down, neato! ^o^ Jiro gave the most attention to his fans, and there were some other actions he did that this video did not show. ^_^ hehe

Feb 15, Welcome to Taiwan Overseas Fans Event

THIS is the event I attended! THIS EVENT! They came out the door that way, they sung those songs, and they introduced themselve that way.Heeehheh!!! They blew kisses to everyone!!! OMIGAWD!! *teary eyed* TOO HAPPY. The interview part near the end was not part of the show i saw, and FRH's perforrmance really did ended that way at the very end of the clip. ^_^

I was also lining up to buy Fahrenheit products. Yesh.... lol

</lj-embed>Start watching at 0:44sec just news in beginning. When it starts, u see Wu Zun thow something, I think they're like candies or something?? I'm not sure, I was too far, but yeah, FRH personally threw goodies to everyone. lol I was triply way to far for that. And alos, I saw those Japanese girls, yeppers. And that part where u see Calvin talking with pictures in teh background, FRH each tells fans which place they suggest them to check out.

AND GUESS WHAT!??????!!!!! Jiro's suggested place/favorite place in Taiwan is.... *drum roollsssss** DANSHUI!!!


haha, I'm the luckiest girl in the world. haha ^o^

Valentine's Day 2009 - Part 2

(picture of part of the stage of the Sports Center)

On February 15th, it was the day when i actually got to attend a FRH event. It's a "Welcome to Taiwan" event made especially for foreigners. It was located near the Gongguan station, in theNational Taiwan University Sports Center. I was lucky to get a voucher from my Singaporean friend. I found out later that in order to get it, u must keep buying FRH's 3rd album's 3rd gaiban, and in random limited ones, there would be that paper voucher to trade of the cardboard pass voucher. Yeppers. Here's a picture of the front and back of the cardboard one:

Actually, my actual area was A2, Row 5, and Seat 11, but i ended up changing spots with these two people because they begged to switch. They wanted to be with their own group of friends but they got separated, so they wanted to switch. ....^^:;; But it's good for me actually, i got blocked a little by the lights, so the new seats was somewhat better, even though it was slightly farther away from the stage. ^o^;;;;; Oh yeah, I sat next to a white girl named Sarah pictured below. ^o^

haha So thankful to her, because she gave me all goodies at today's event, which include....

1. A FRH "Welcome to Taiwan concert"
2. A cute clear and flashing fan that says Fahrenheit on it.
3. An MRT Easycard with FRh's picture on it, special edition limited to this event (VERY VERY COOL!) I use the EasyCard very often, but too bad I already bought one for $500... ~_~ oh well, at least mine's a student card, with slight discount.

I wouldn't have gotten those because I agreed to give those to the Singaporean that was the original owner of the voucher ^^:;

SO I went in, lining up with a bunch of other excited fans. I didn't get to take any pictures, or record any videos because i wasn't allowed to, and i couldn't sneak any because the lights were brightly lited and guards can see me. NO way I would risk the chance of getting kicked out if i get to see Jiro, so i didn't take any pictures. BUt omigoodness, I did not realize I would be able to see Jiro and FRH sing and dance live. O.O I had no idea what the event actually was! ^o^ lol I was so happy that I felt a little teary eyed, although I really really wish I was closer, lol cuz I can't reall see their face, but I refused to look at the big screen because I can see them in person! ^.^ Jiro was wearing a yellow shirt and gray pants. Here's a picture i found online:

Yesh, isn't he adorable. ^.^ In that event, they also played games with fans, and they get to come up stage by random drawing by calling out our seats!!!! But I didn't get to go up. Lucky fans that get to one up get feed by FRH, and played with games with gives them a chance of physical contact, so lucky!! ^o^ haha When they were calling out the seats, I must say Calvin is heard most clearly, while I can't really hear the others. ^^:;; SInce FRH is the Taiwan ambassador for Korea and Japan, there were often lots of translating redone in Jap and Korean, which unfortunately makes me faze out for a bit before Jiro's magical voice snaps me back in. MWHAHHAHAH!! I will try to find a video clip of that event online. *searches*

*psyched!* Here it is!!!!!!!! I was at THIS event!!!!! THIS EVENT!!!! I will look for more video. mwhahhaa!

The songs FRH started sing was "Touch Will Touch Your Heart." Omigawd, what a wonderful welcoming party for me. ^o^ haha!!! First week in taiwan, and they're welcoming ME to taiwan. hehe ^.^ Afterwards, they also sang Xin Wo, Heng Xing, Ji Mou Bao Zou, and Yue Lai Yue Ai. YESH! But it felt like it went by so fast. *sigh* Well, it is kind of short, the event only lasted from 3pm-4:30pm, but it's really more like an hour because frh didn't truely appear until 3:30pm..... ~_~ But they're really busy tho, they run everywhere. Like yesterday on Feb 14th, JIro had to go to THREE different events across Taiwan on the same day, eeek-ness, so much work. Poor guy. ~_~

OKIE! Now some pictures that I took with Jiro and other Jiro fans!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol, no just kidding. Of course I didn't get to take pictures with him, but instead with his cardboard. ^o^ But it was so much fun taking them. ^_^

Kung is like 34, but she's quite so pretty in her boyish outfits. ^o^ This is self taken in the taxi. Haha, I rodethe taxi like 10 times or so during this weekend. LOL mY first time in a taxi. ^o^;;;

YESH! Jiro fan to my right. Both are from Japan. I asked the where they bought the fans, and they said at XI Men Ding. I'm definitely gonna head there for sure!!!!! ^o^

Fahrenheit welcomes me to Taiwan. *sobs* and this time, my friends help me take pictures. ^.^

The girl on the left is named Karen, another person i met during the event. She's from Malaysia, although originally from Singapore. SHe has no particular favs.

and Of course I need special ones with Jiro. ^.^ hehe He's holding my hands! ^o^ haha

Haha, touched his cheeks lol


I didn't realize it until Corina asked me to take a picture of her like my pose here, because it looked like i'm leaning on his shoulders.. haha


It's V-day, and my cardboard partner is Jiro! ^o^ lol YAY! lol In real life, I think Jiro is about this height relative to me. ^_^ Tall.. .*dreamy* lol

OKIE! So that's my showcase of Jiro fandomness! I must admit that I feel kind of tired and maybe a little not as enthusiathic as I wanted to act, but I try to be so here to make sure I remember that I was! ^_^

There are more pictures of me going around Taipei in the following link.... sorry for taking so long to upload, it's really slow... ^^:; Some of them were not in order because the photobucket kept freezing so it breaks off that order. ^^;;;

Interesting findings in Taiwan so far=

1. Guys would help carry their girlfriend's bags all day, like hanging it across their own shoulders. How sweet! ^o^ American guys would never do that!! They would think they feel gay or something.
2. Girls in Taiwan like to wear short short skirts with long long sock-like stockings
3. Taiwan people all sleep very late. ^o^ They don't start THINKING about sleeping until after 1:30am.
4. Currently in Taiwan, the year is 1998. YESH, 1998, not 2009. Well, the dates and everything is the same as 2009, but in important documents, it's 1998 this year. ^o^ hahaha
5. Jiro is amazingly hot in person. AMAZINGLY Shuai. Very very. VERY. haha ^.^
6. Jay Chou's music was the most commonly heard singer when in shops and convenient stores.
7. Buses come by very often, like maybe every 5 minutes???? So absolutely no worries if I'm late! Just catch the next bus! ^o^ HAHAH!!!
8. ALL Taiwan traffic, info, etc signs all includes English. So for those that don't speak English, it's actually not scary here at all. ^_^;; hehe
9. Traffic laws are not strict at all. Cross ANYTIME u want, but it's absolutely the truth that cars and motorcyclists will definitely NOT slow down or stop for you. They just speedily dodge you---but at very high speeds. *scary!!!!!!*
10. Buses are giant beast that stops very abruptly, and speeds very fast through the streets. Not a Sacramento bus at all. ^_^;
11. Food porportionals are smaller than American porportions, but they're cheap anyways. ^_^

NEXT Entry (for Michael):
- Exploring the Mall with You and pictures

NEXT NEXT Entry (For Jennifer):
- Food that I saw
- Food that I ate

Valentine's Day 2009 - Part 1

So the other day, I told Jennifer that I plan to do something on V-day weekend, but didn't tell her what. I said it was a secret ^o^ hahaha ON V-day, omigawd, the amount of couple everywhere is so much. They're all so cute, wearing matching clothes, and even the exact same clothes. SO adoooorable. ^_^ I did kind of made me feel lonely...so

I thought this year without Michael on V-day might be very sad.... but.... LOL, I'm soooo soooo sooo sorry, Michael, but I think this is my best Valentine's Day ever. ^o^ HAHAHAH!!!!! But, you're like, "HOW CAN IT BE!?!?!"

Yes fellas, yesh.

I met Jiro.

Jiro Wang!!!!!!!! IN person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hysterical!*

HOW LUCKY AM I!???!?! I met Jiro on the first week being in Taiwan, even TOUCHED Jiro's hands, AND saw him dance and sing!!!!!!!!!!! *too shocked for words*

It was crazy, I mean, how is that true? It all seems like youtube videos, it's not possible!!!! O.O lol So the thing is, I DID NOT get to attend the event, which was the "Valentine's Day Dinner with Fahrenheit", where only 200 fans who paid for a special package that gets to be part of it. So what I did was wait outside the place (as with a buncha of other girls). I waited until 9:30pm and then THEY came out!!! O.O As they walked pass, they were smiley and acutally quite tall, and all are truly handsome in person. and then there's Jiro. *faints!!!* Must I say anything else? TOO HOT to be true! lol They walk pass quite fast, but I was quite close to them. How close? Like...4 feet away. LOL FOUR FEET AWAY!!! lol ^o^ Then I think some girls had something to give to Jiro (like love letters, cookies), so Jiro was kind enough to stretched his hands out for it, and *gasps* I touched his fingers and hand. O.O I was about to drop the camera in shock...!! ^o^ I saw his expression change from smiley to surprised when the workers helped shoved him along. ^o^;;; Jiro is amazing in person. ^o^

Me. First week in Taiwan. Saw Jiro. TOUCHED Jiro? What is happening?! ^o^ lol LOL

Jiro was the only one who was extra friendly to the fans. He gives the fans so much attention, he's so nice. Wowzer. ^o^ I mean, he wave to us a lot, smiles, do cute things for fans to get excited about, and even took pictures of us with his own camera. lol, It really drives everyone crazy.

By crazy, I mean, this place was packed with crazy-ness. The amount of girls are insane. There were girls (a LOT from each place): Japan, Korea, Philipines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and of course the random other places like America (me), Malaysia, Thailand, and other unlisted. It was as crazy as, no MORE crazy than Black fridays at an electronic store. ^o^;;; They were shoving and shoving, no wonder my video clip is so super duper shakey. ^o^;;; haha, and the girls would run very fast everywhere to catch Fahrenheit. ^o^;;;;;;;;; And yesh, I recorded a video clip too

So how did that all happened, you say? Let's start from the very beginning then. ^o^ hahha It was like two weeks before I left USA that I contacted a Jiro fan from Singapore. Her name was Corina, and I read tht she was planning to go to Taiwan for a few days to see Jiro, so i emailed her, and she asked if I wanted to join her. Haha, and of couse I'm interested! ^o^ haha She finally arrived on Feb 13th, and we decided to meet up at the Taipei Mainstation at 8:30am. But our way of meeting up is really crazy. First off, neither of us know how each other looks. I just told her I will be wear my cartoon logo T-shirt, and she said she will wear a cap with her name on it. But when I arrived at the Taipei Station, we couldn't find each other!! You know how HUGE that place it? There were at least 8 different big exits, not to mention the more smaller ones!!! O.O It was a sea of people, and I thought we would fail to meet for sure. ~_~

However, the night before, I MSN her my Taiwan phone number, and she managed to call me!!! ^o^ That's how we found each other. SHe called and asked me which exit. Ahhh.... I was at exit M4, and she was at M1. She walked over to me and she found me because of my shirt! ^_^ But guess what? SHE DID NOT WORE ANY CAP!. Hmph! There's absolutely no way i could have found her, absolutely no way. >_<

Then we went back to her hotel. Note that I never met this lady before, and in fact, never talked to her online. So meeting a stranger like this, it's the most strangest, and perhaps dangerously radical thing I've done in Taiwan yet.

Me and Corina. I'm 21, and Corina is 40, (born 1969) but she a crazy Jiro fan, i mean crazy. Her plans include being here in Taiwan from Feb 13-16 for Jiro events, then fly back to Singapore to see Jiro on Feb 20, then fly to Hong Kong to watch two concerts of Jiro Feb 27-28, then fly to several over places afterwards.... following Jiro around. How does she have so much money?!?!!? O.O And her husband is totally cool with this cool. ^.^ LOL (Also, her 15years old daughter is also a huge fan of Jiro. ^^;;;;)

To my surprise, Corina also brought along other Jiro fans, and they're not from Singapore. They were from Thailand! O.O;; Above is May, 12 years old, and another Jiro fan named Kung (born 1974).

There were THREE Jiro events on V-day, but we couldn't even go to two of them because you need passes to go. Apparently, most of these FRH events you need a pass somehow to get in. So while we wait for the 3rd event known was "Valentine's Day Dinner with Fahrenheit"(which starts at 7pm), we shop around the mall called Miramar.

A picture of outside of the mall

The stairways/escalators in the mall. It has a circular design, quite neat.

More on....
-What's in the Mall
-The event that I actually get to attend on Feb 15th, where I see FRH sing and dance
-Some people I met
-Interesting finds
-Lots more pictures